Events calendar and submit new events to the forums website.

There is now a full events calendar in the events section of the forums website along with a form for members of the forum to submit new events. These new pages are located under the get involved menu along with a events list and search.

I hope these new event pages are useful.




Not  the first time so  divisively.

The vulnerable are being  hounded.

Facing  overwhelming austerity.

Should be grateful it’s not you or me?

It must be fearful to be this graded

Not for the first time so divisively

Benefits slashed –  a sad  legacy

Is it  time  to stand and be counted?

Facing  overwhelming  austerity

The safety net removed  what lunacy

‘Shirkers’ an insult. I would feel baited

Not for the first time so divisively

Child poverty  grows causing misery

Queues for food banks have started

Facing  overwhelming  austerity

But debt  is bad  for our country

We can blame  the meek and the  wretched

Not for the first so divisively

Facing  overwhelming  austerity


Merry Christmas and free membership until the end of March 2013

Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas from the Ferryside Village Forum.

We are pleased to announce that membership of the Ferryside Village Forum is free for up to three months, until the end of March 2013, for residents of Ferryside, Picton and the local area.

Register now and once your free membership is approved you will receive a membership card and you will be kept informed of events begin organised by the forum. At the end of March 2013 we will contact you and discuss the renewal of your membership

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