Letter of Thanks.

We have heard that  Ferryside toilets have been reprieved from closure for the time being.The latest news we have is that the long term future of the toilets is still being discussed, by the County Council.

We congratulate the residents of Ferryside who signed our petition, expressing their  concerns over threatened closure. Public toilets are an absolute necessity along the coastal path.

We also thank our local County Councillor, Mair Stephens, our local MP, Jonathan Edwards and  Assembly Member, Rhodri Glyn Thomas for their support in our battle to keep our toilets open. We also wish to thank St Ishmael community council and their chair Cllr Mike Evans for their continuing efforts.

It’s  ecouraging to know  that we can rely upon  our elected representatives to maintain their support on this very important local issue. We ardently hope that the County council will continue to maintain the toilets and decide to keep them open for good.

Your’s sincerely,

Ferryside Village Forum,

Jane Rose, Lucy  Evans, Jill Furniss, Sandra James,WendyJames, James Greer, Jean James,Sue Abbot, James Greenwell,