News from FSEG Meeting May 20th

Mudiad Cymdeithasol Glanyfferi/Ferryside Social Enterprise Group


The group met at the White Lion Hotel on May 20th. The chair Rev. Philip Johns reported on a meeting with Mrs Rogers, the head of Ferryside primary school. The school welcomed the possibility of using some space in the education centre especially when receiving visits from other schools. They would also be happy to explore the use of any outdoor sport facilities and space for a school garden.

The chair working with Mr Colin Butters, reported that a fitness trail of ten stations would coast around £10,000. Such a set up would include a “wobble board”, stepping stones, chin-up parallel bars and a 3.6 meter traverse wall. A bike track might also be desirable. Llansaint youth club will be contacted for their requirements via Mrs Eleri Thomas.

Ms Wendy James reported that use of the sports MUGA was making slow but steady progress. A request was made for easier access to keys and access to the current hall on the site. Issues being explored included coaching and training costs, badminton nets, rental costs and possible heating and upgrading costs for the hall. The sports group would support access to any sports changing room facilities provided in any new development.

Wendy also confirmed that Ferryside Forum would be very keen for the current market to move to the education centre site as soon as possible and will liaise with Cllr Stephens and others on this. Support for an allotment section was confirmed and City Farms and Mrs Moishe Merry would be contacted for advice.

Following a meeting with local artists Dorothy Morris and Jim Greer, it was hoped that an exhibition wall, studio space and workshops would be developed for hire. There could be potential for residential courses and areas such as music, poetry and literature could also be developed. Dorothy would like to join the group and assist with grant applications. The newly produced pro forma for requirements were provided to Broadside Films, who indicated they would initially require access to a studio, storage space and a three desk office.

Mr Tim Shallcross’s report on local Youth Hostel availability was welcomed and discussed. The charges for rooms appeared to vary from £12 per night at Lampeter to £22 per night at Cardiff. Provision of both single and double rooms would be useful. The nearest Hostels at the moment are at Pendine, Gower and Llandovery. The estimated salary for a warden would be around £22,000 per annum, which could be seasonal or part time. The centre would be ideal for walkers using the costal path.

Mrs Jill Furness reported strong support for well being developments, especially from the Alzheimer Association and the RNIB. Appropriate consulting rooms would be welcomed by the current medical centre. In addition, access ramps and a sensory garden could be provided. The focus would need to be on the medically (especially mentally) impaired. Day care facilities could be explored and Cllr Stephens indicated that stroke and dementia were key areas.

The secretary, Mr Les Jones, indicated that a design case needed to be made as soon as possible, focussing on the modification of the residential block. Mr Anthony Bushell indicated he could suggest suitable architect names. It was proposed that the design should look at roof and window replacement or repair, single and double accommodation rooms, and offices, with disabled Day Care downstairs and bedroom accommodation preferably upstairs.

Officers of FSEG will attend the Big Lottery event at the National Botanic Garden on May 24th for a one to one session with lottery officials.

Next Meeting

Monday July 1st at the White Lion Hotel, Glanyfferi

Delme Bowen.