Mudiad Cymdeithasol Glanyfferi/Ferryside Social Enterprise



1. Officers of FSEG attended a presentation given by the Big Lottery and had “one-to-one” meeting with them about the project. They were very positive about funding the building refurbishment but unlikely to be able to fund initial design work.

2. An Invitation To Tender has been issued to four local architects for the initial design work for the refurbishment of the building. The closing date is 24th June and the successful bidder should be selected at FSEG’s next meeting on 1st July.

3. A meeting was held with Helen Williams of the County Council Community Regeneration Unit, who thought that the initial design work could be 100% funded under the Innovative Communities Scheme. This will be followed up as soon as the ITTs have been evaluated.

4. Representatives of the Carmarthen Mens Sheds Association have visited the site and are very keen to set up a branch in Ferryside. This would use, at least initially, part of the ex-RAF wooden hut. They have asked FSEG to broker an appropriate agreement with the County Council.

The Ferryside Village Forum is negotiating directly with the County Council to hold its weekly markets on the site.

NEXT Committee Meeting: Monday July1st The White Lion Hotel Glanyfferi