Mudiad Cymdeithasol Glanyfferi/ FSEG

 Mudiad Cymdeithasol Glanyfferi/Ferryside Social Enterprise Group

News Item

The secretary, Mr Les Jones gave a progress report on a meeting with Carmarthen County Council  who stressed the need for FSEG to demonstrate charity status, fundraising ability and community involvement. The County were agreeable for FSEG to sub-let once the site is leased. As a non-profit making organisation, FSEG could be eligible for a discount of 80% in the business rate.

The Village Forum are discussing with the County who are the current landlord on the use of a grassed area as a possible venue for their Market.

The Sports Group are currently negotiating with the County for the use of the current Hall at the Education Centre.

Broadside Films are interested in the possibility of using  one of  the Ex-RAF huts and “Mens Sheds” have expressed an interest in the other hut.

Meanwhile, FSEG are to be kept informed of all potential uses.

Mens Sheds

Mr Robert Taylor presented a detailed resume of the activities of Mens Sheds who have established an organisation in Carmarthen. They are affiliated with Mens Sheds Cymru who are the umbrella organisation, helping to fight retirement based depression, isolation, and any stigma of disability by providing small scale practical workshops promoting the well being of men. They are currently looking for larger premises to establish a workshop and base to make bee-hives and coracles and are interested in utilizing one wing of the ex-RAF huts on the current Education Centre . They hope to expand and evolve a Ferryside Shed.

Tenders for Design of Future Programme

Three tenders were received for the design study of the proposed new  education centre, two were largely non-compliant and did not fill the requirements requested. The details were discussed and it was decided to go ahead with the tender submitted by David Darkin. Officers of the committee have arranged to meet with Jonathan Handcock from the County to discuss  the funding of the Design stage at the Education Centre. They have been advised that a grant application would require a credible outline business plan showing the best estimates of revenue and expenditure for the first 3 to 5years.

Business Plan

Elements of the business plan would address the following projects:

  • Accommodation for Doctor’s surgery (existing arrangements)
  • Changing room facilities and adjacent Multi Use Games Area
  • Specialist Day Centre for physically and mentally frail adults and carers.
  • Foot care, other quasi-medical services and alternative therapies.
  • Arts and crafts workshops.
  • High grade hostel-type accommodation for coastal path walkers, bird-watchers, visiting sports teams and residential workshops.
  • Studio and office space for Broadside, a start-up youth film company.
  • Youth club facilities.
  • Exhibition space for, local artists and local heritage projects.
  • Allotments and outdoor market.
  • Space for small business start-ups. 

Individual project leaders are to contact participants and contributors to identify probable income and expenditure in order to draft a full business case.