News item

Ferryside Social Enterprise Group await the decision of the County Council on the award of a grant of approximately £14,000 to carry out the design phase for the development of the Education Centre Ferryside as a community hub. The decision is expected on October 10th.

If successful, the committee will proceed with a full grant application for the development via the Big Lottery Fund.The preliminary Lottery bid will be submitted in November and the design stage for the buildings should be ready by Jan 2nd, when the plans will go to tender.The final Lottery application should be submitted in February, following a full public consultation in the village. It is anticipated that the building project should be completed by April 2015.

A new website has now been set up at FSEG.org.uk and a Facebook site under

Ferryside Social Enterprise Group / Mudiad Cymdeithasol Glanyfferi. A public competition will be launched in Ferryside for the best Logo design, which will also be used on Facebook.

In the meantime, the Sports club, Men’s Sheds and Broadside Films are negotiation with the Count council for appropriate interim space at the centre.

The next meeting of FSEG will take place on Monday October 14th,7pm at The White Lion Hotel,Glanyfferi.