Men’s Sheds

Mens Shed in Ferryside

Posted on September 5, 2013 by admin

Men In Sheds

At the former Education Centre Ferryside

2pm 16th September

All are invited to discuss setting up a Mens Shed in Ferryside.

The international Mens Shed movement began in Australia in the mid 1990s. A couple of men of retirement age hit on the idea of building themselves a communal shed so they could enjoy doing what they like doing with the added benefit of working with other men. This idea spread like wildfire and are over 1400 sheds in Australia. Four years ago, the Mens Shed concept was exported to Ireland and there are already over 140 sheds there.

The first shed opened in Wales this January in Carmarthen and we already have our first brother shed in Bridgend. Plans are afoot for sheds to open in Ferryside, Conway, Denbigh and Cardiff.

The Ferryside Men’s Shed will be located in the old Educational part of the ex-RAF hut. It is hoped that the shed will host boat-building, beehive construction and mechanical repairs along with woodworking etc. Anybody from the surrounding interested in more information please contact:

Robert Narayan-Taylor 07967 124046 –