£300 grant from Ferryside Village Forum for sustainability or community well being projects.

Residents of St Ishmaels are invited to apply for a small individual grant to support a project or idea they have: Our only condition is that your idea must be clearly linked to either promoting community sustainability or something that will be of obvious benefit to the whole community. The grant is for individuals not for formal groups, charities or organisations

Tell us briefly what you want to do and how you will use the grant to help you achieve your idea. We hope to distribute up to £300 every six months, starting this autumn. Your letter or email should reach us by the last day in October and we will inform you if you are successful by the end of the second week in November.

You should be sure to include your name, address and contact details (telephone and email address).

The trustees of the Ferryside Village Forum will discuss and decide how the £300 is to be distributed – The decision of the trustees is final.

Please reply to:

Lucy Evans, Ferryside Village Forum, 3 Vicarage Close, Ferryside. SA175SU

or email