An open letter to all clubs, societies, interest groups and individuals in the St Ishmaels area

You may have noticed lots of activity in the Old Education Centre in the last few months.

More is about to happen.

This is due to the hard work of the Ferryside Social Enterprise Group (FSEG) which has recently become a charity, the Ferryside Village Forum (who run the market), Ferryside Sports, Men’s Sheds, Broadside films and all the other groups such as the Arts and Heritage group including many enthusiastic Individuals.

We feel very strongly that this valuable resource should be utilised for the benefit of the whole community. An opportunity to get involved and find out what is happening has presented itself.

A local resident with considerable experience in developing similar sites and making successful bids for substantial funding has made a very generous offer to run a series of workshops to bring together the range of ideas that have already been developed and new suggestions that come from the community. Business opportunities will be discussed. He will then help to create a revitalised and inclusive plan of action and work out a schedule of bids that stand a strong chance of succeeding.

This expertise would normally cost a fortune!!

All we need to make this work is YOU

With representatives from the local interest groups, clubs, societies, businesses and enthusiastic individuals from Ferryside, Llansaint and within St Ishmaels parish we will meet on Sunday 12th October to strengthen the Vision and work together on Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th to develop a working plan.

We really do need everyone’s ideas.

If you wish to register and get further details of the programme please contact

3 Vicarage Close, Ferryside, SA17 5SU

01267 267147  or

If you are unable to attend for the full 2½ days please let us know when you can attend and speak to other group members to make sure your views are known and form part of our plans.

Sent on behalf of

Ferryside Social Enterprise Group
Ferryside Sports
Men’s Sheds
Broadside Films

Workshop details

Where? Sport Hall Ferryside Residential Centre
When? Sunday 12th October 2-00 to 5-00
Monday 13th October 10-00 to 4-00
Tuesday 14th October 10-00 to 4-00
Who? Any resident of the St Ishmaels parish
Any organisation wishing to contribute significantly to the Project
What? Practical sessions to create 

An overall vision for the site


A realistic plan of action within a reasonable timescale