A poem: Our Christmas Market

We were ready – cold blue skies, a good omen
Stall holders exhibiting their talents.
Knitted baby bonnets.
Home made pies.

Our hills were alive with an eclectic repertoire, our school choir,
embracing other cultures
Proud parents looking on
A local brass band launching the christmas pageant
This was it!

Our struggle to reflect local communities needs
to encourage local projects;
local shopping was working
Something had shifted
Lacking oxygen obstacles withered.

Our market cafe (full of home- made goodies)
creating a space for laughter, diverse conversations.
A forum reflecting who we are.

Our small village – a speck in the greater scheme of things,
mirroring global communities.

Hard work does have it’s own reward
A sense of pride.
Witnessing community spirit.
Fostering growing humanity
Our Christmas market
An example of joyful integration.