Help increase Bio Diversity in Ferryside

News about a green scheme supported by St Ishmael Community Council and led jointly by Ferryside Village Forum and Carmarthenshire County Council.
We are starting this fascinating and enjoyable scheme with a bat survey.

Saturday 8th August 2:00pm. Bats about Ferryside – a preliminary meeting to discuss putting up 5 bat detectors in Ferryside.  Ferryside Sports Hall in the grounds of the Old Education Centre.
Come and find out more about how bats inhabit the Ferryside environment.  
Would you like to find out if you have bats in your garden or woodlands and know what they are? Working with the Bat Conservation Trust, we will be lending out up to five bat detectors which you can borrow to put out in your garden to record bat activity and they will be collected back in on the 15 August. When analysed this will tell us about the different species of bats using the area. Bats make particular use of trees, woodlands and gardens to move through a landscape, so  we are looking for five suitable places to put detectors for a week.  This will not be a long meeting to find out who is interested and to show you how to use the detectors. Have you any suggestions? CONTACT Rosie Carmichael [ ]

Then on Saturday 22nd August 8:00pm. Bats about Ferryside – Bat Walk and Talk with Steve Lucas from the Bat Conservation Trust. Meet in the Ferryside Sports Hall in the grounds of the Old Education Centre.

 Steve Lucas, Bat Conservation Trust , will come and talk about bats and reveal the results of the survey from  the bat detectors you have put out.  You will learn about how bats are using the village and its surroundings, and the habitats that they require to maintain their populations. The talk will be followed by a walk with bat detectors so you can hear the bats. Please meet at the Sports Hall with outdoor clothing and footwear, and a torch on Saturday the 22nd August at 8 pm.. The walk will take about 90 minutes. Children very welcome!

Bats about Ferryside is set up jointly by The Bats Conservation Trust, Ferryside Village Forum and Carmarthenshire County Council. For further information contact Rosie Carmichael  Carmarthenshire County Council 01267 228727 Mon – Thurs. For local contact phone Mike Evans 07904313156.