FSEG Meeting: Moved from the 10th of February 2014 to 24th February 2014.

The three FSEG officers have been invited to a meeting with the County Council on 11th February to review progress on the project. In view of this, and the fact that we are awaiting tenders for the building work (deadline 17th Feb), the Chairman and the Secretary have decided to postpone the next meeting until 24th February in the White Lion Hotel, Ferryside.
In the meantime, here is a quick summary of the project status:
  • Architectural design work completed
  • Planning application submitted (awaiting validation)
  • Invitations to tender issued to potential subcontractors.  (Deadline 17th February)
  • Outline Proposal submitted to the Big Lotttery, People and Places.  (30th January)

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FSEG/ Mudiad Cymdeithasol Glanyfferi




Following a successful meeting on July29th, The Ferryside Social Enterprise Group has now submitted an application to Carmarthen County Council for a Rural Development Grant to undertake the Detailed Design Phase for the future development of the Education Centre at Ferryside.

                If successful the “pump priming” grant of £13,646 will enable the group to verify the Structural, Electrical and Mechanical integrity of the building, carry out  architectural and structural design work and obtain the necessary planning permissions. After full consultation with the local community, these will then form the basis for applications for major grants to carry out the work from The Big Lottery (People and Places) and the Welsh Government ( Community Facilities and Activities Programme).

                 It is FSEG’s intention to aquire and develop the site, converting it from a public liability and eyesore into and attractive community asset supporting a wide range of activities for residents and visitors and creating local employment.

                 At its core the facilities will include a high grade hostel-type accommodation for costal path walkers, birdwatchers ( with RSPB support), visiting sports teams and residential workshops. A specialist day centre is envisaged for frail adults and carers alongside the continuing current Medical Centre and Pharmacy. Foot care, and other quasi-medical services could also be provided. Youth club and changing room facilities will be provided adjacent to the current Multi Use Games Area. There will be exhibition spaces for the RSPB, local artists and local heritage projects, indeed, it is intended to provide Arts and Crafts workshops and classrooms. Office space for small business start ups will also be provided in the main building.

                  Associated projects, subject to separate funding, will also hopefully be establish such as community gardens, convenient for the current outdoor market and studio plus office space for “Broadside”, a young start-up independent film company. Space will also be separately provided for Carmarthenshire “Men’s Sheds” which may develop as part of an additional  Heritage  Lottery bid to save the ex-RAF huts.