Good causes and ideas

Is there something you would like to see changed?

Or there is something you want to see implemented?

Perhaps you will like to gauge support for an idea?

Forum members should suggest and request the forums support for their good causes or ideas that they are passionate about via a poll, both traditional paper petitions and e-petitons as well as the promotion of their good cause or idea on this website, on the forums Facebook page and through tweeting.

If the forums committee has agreed to support the idea or good cause an e-petitition webpage can be created allowing members of the public to “sign” their petition. To support an e-petition a member of the public completes a form, then an email is sent to the member of the public and once the link in the email is clicked the member of the public confirms their support for the e-petition or effectively signs their support for that good cause.

Polls can also be created to gauge support for an idea.  The poll may allow the member of the forum to choose multiple options to assist in providing more detailed feedback.

Forums members may also request that a group is created on this website so that they can discuss, plan and collaborate the other members of the forum in a more private area on this website.

Unlike working on a major piece of work, or project, in work, where everyone is normally at the same location, there at the same time and it is normally quite straightforward to arrange a meeting, telephone call or quick discussion, coordinating a project where the contributors are in several different locations, at different times and whom have studying, families or their job to attend to can raise a number of challenges.

To assist in the planning mettings and workshops the events management facilities can be utilised. Forum members can also confirm their attendance of the meetings or workshops via the events page. Events can also be assigned to a group.

Please note, however, it to up to the discretion of the forums Internet Presence Officer and the forums Committee to decide which poll or e-petition appears on this websites front page.

To request the forums support for your idea or good cause please login and post your suggestion to one of the forums. If you are not a member of the Ferryside Village forum and you would like the forums support for your idea or good cause please register to be become a member.