Coed Panteg Woodland- Just up the road from Ferryside on the Carmarthen Road will be running a week end course about charcoal making on Saturday and Sunday the 2nd and 3rd May. Day one, using an oil drum to produce small quantities of charcoal and loading and firing up a large kiln to make big quantities.Barbecue in the evening. Day 2, sieving and bagging the charcoal and guidance on working in a small woodland including coppicing good practice. Course leader Martin Samphire. Further details are available from Mike Evans ( Mob: 07904313156 )
Please share this information with any one who might be interested in developing their country skills.

Charcoal making Course- Ferryside. 21st and 22nd June

This exciting charcoal making course  is  taking place in Coed Panteg woodlands just outside Ferryside on the week end the 21st and 22nd of June.

Course Poster June 2014

Woodland Coop Ltd are running the two day “hands on” course about making small quantities of top grade charcoal using coppiced wood in  steel drum kilns. They will also use a professional 6′ kiln to demonstrate how larger quantities of charcoal can be produced.

Over the course of the two days they hope to show you the coppiced woodland, appreciate the woodland ecology , view newly planted woods and see the various interesting projects ongoing at Coed Panteg

Email for more details about this exciting local course. Places are limited.