Coed Panteg Woodland- Just up the road from Ferryside on the Carmarthen Road will be running a week end course about charcoal making on Saturday and Sunday the 2nd and 3rd May. Day one, using an oil drum to produce small quantities of charcoal and loading and firing up a large kiln to make big quantities.Barbecue in the evening. Day 2, sieving and bagging the charcoal and guidance on working in a small woodland including coppicing good practice. Course leader Martin Samphire. Further details are available from Mike Evans ( Mob: 07904313156 )
Please share this information with any one who might be interested in developing their country skills.

Incredible Edible Network

A food and sustainability network started in the North of England in Todmarten by Co-founders Mary Clear and Pam Warhurst. They have both delivered inspiring talks about the movement for the video lecture series TED:

Core Values:
• working together
• learning – from field to classroom to kitchen
• supporting local business

Inspired by this message, other enthusiasts have picked up the baton. The UK network alone has more than 50 independent groups and as a worldwide movement, it stretches from Canada to New Zealand.

Please click this link below to read about them and view their TED lectures.

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Disappearing Hay Meadows and our wonderful Welsh countryside

Chatted last night with founder Forum member Victoria Bancroft in the Yacht Club,Ferryside. Victoria recommended watching a short speech by the BBC wildlife reporter Iolo Williams The Welsh Assembly in 2013. I found it a moving and sincere call to action.

You can watch it by clicking this link

Thanks for this Victoria.